Classy Cozy Cool Made in USA Boutique Inner Circle Information

Classy Cozy Cool VIP/Inner Circle

The Classy Cozy Cool Boutique Inner Circle information. To the customers that know us best:  You have tried many of our products.  You have been loyal as we’ve grown and evolved.  You are the reason that we are still in business.  There's so much exciting news happening here at Classy Cozy Cool!  We are thrilled to have you along for the journey. 
Currently, this is the criteria to calculate Inner Circle status each month.
  1. Spent over $1000 within the last 365 days at Classy Cozy Cool Online Boutique
  2. You have placed more than 4 orders in the past 365 days.
  3. You are subscribed to SMS and Email Marketing
VIP’s will be notified via email of their eligibility status. 


The BIG News at Classy Cozy Cool!

We have teamed up with a manufacturer to design our own Classy Cozy Cool Made in the USA Brand! Here's what is GREAT about our new exclusive line:

  1. Material is woven in Los Angeles, California
  2. All sewing is done in Los Angeles, California
  3. The cotton is grown in the United States - mostly in Texas and Mississippi!

Why is this important to our Inner Circle?

When we release a new product in our exclusive line, we would love feedback from our inner circle. At the time of release, we will offer our “Inner Circle” a chance to try the new product at 50% off the retail price!  We would appreciate if you would review our new product to let other customers know why it's great!

  1. Only Items offered in our promotional emails are eligible for the program.
  2. Must maintain Inner Circle Status to be eligible for this program.
  3. You must place an order within 14 days from the roll out of the promotional product. You will be notified by email.


What “Inner Circle” Status Means for you?

  • Occasional Exclusive Discounts sent directly to you via Email or SMS.
  • Always Free Shipping with Code: VIPSHIP (This code can be combined with other discount codes - Must be logged in)
  • You'll be the First to Know about New Programs and Offers
  • Eligible for 50% off when a CCC original product is launched.


Sharing is Caring

As a part of our Inner Circle, we ask that you share what you love about us with your “Inner Circle”.  You can find us on many social media platforms.  If you take the time to share, like, pin, review and follow us, we will certainly appreciate it!  

Where to Share?

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  1. This program can end at any time with or without notice.
  2. Terms can change at any time with or without notice.
  3. Sample product offerings and availability are solely determined by Classy Cozy Cool, LLC.
  4. Opt out of our Inner Circle by emailing
  5. Inner Circle status is not guaranteed. Classy Cozy Cool, LLC may exclude any account from the program at any time with or without notification.