Brand: Sleepaholik

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      At Classy Cozy Cool, we are obsessed with this brand!  Give it a try and Sleepaholik loungewear will become your new obsession, as well.  It's a playfully artistic premium brand of women's sleepwear & loungewear.  When you put on a lounge top from Sleepaholik, you literally feel like you are the model in the picture that looks so unintentionally put together in luxurious comfort.  

      Here is a message from the Brand 

      "Welcome to Sleepaholik Clothing. We pride ourselves in selling American Made Clothing using American Made Materials.

      Our costs become higher but so do our values so it is all worth it in our mind. We use Natural weaves from the best cottons and more. Like "SUPIMA COTTON". One of the finest, most luxurious cottons available. You will know when it is "Supima Cotton" because of its super soft quality and amazing durability.

      Basically, we give a Flock. (Pun intended).

      In order to evolve into our higher selves a little self-reflection and gratitude to others is necessary. We would like to express our contribution by sharing not only a line of sleepwear and casual clothing that is uniquely soft and blissful when close to the skin but also a way of thinking and being. Our style is slightly whimsical, playful and a little cheeky but there is always a meaning within. We refer to ourselves as the "Enlightened Herd" based on a new understanding of the world and in fact, the Universe we are all part of."