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About Us

Hi, I’m Jen Sebring.  I’m originally from the Midwest, born and raised in Indiana.  I moved to Georgia 16 years ago where I have put down roots and raised my two awesome sons.  I’ve had growing concerns about how much of our manufacturing has gone over seas.  With a passion for fashion, my mission is to bring you high quality trendy clothing made in America.  Buying American just makes you feel good, so your fashion needs to meet that standard.

 It's not easy sourcing trendy styles made in the U.S.A.  The brand Free People is a huge inspiration when I'm sourcing, but I’m more inspired by clothing that is made here in the United States by actual free people.  I continue to look for brands that bring the BoHo vibes, trending styles and must have staples, but are made locally.  I've successfully found some hot new collections that I’m excited to share with you.  

 My journey has been interesting.  I’ve found that some wholesalers advertise products as “Made in U.S.A.”, but when we receive a shipment, it’s actually made in another country.  In order to have a great ‘made in America’ Boutique, I feel that we must offer quality trendy denim jeans.  I now have to put a note to each wholesaler to cancel my order if they are not made in U.S.A.  The last shipment of jeans I received were advertised as KanCan Premier jeans made in the U.S.A.  Because they were “Premier”, they cost me much more than other “non-premier, non made in U.S.A. jeans.  When I received them, the tag said “Made in Vietnam”.  I contacted the company and found out that they use to make them in America, but have moved their manufacturing to Vietnam.  They also went on the tell me that they no longer make any jeans in the U.S.A. This type of issue is in a typical day for me. 

 I will continue to push companies to offer U.S.A. manufactured clothing.  I will find more and more great companies that make there clothing here in the U.S.A.  I intend to bring you fashionable shoes and jewelry, as well. 

Thanks for coming on this journey with us.  Stay tuned and keep checking back for more trendy women's fashion made in the U.S.A.💖  We are adding new styles almost daily.