Portuguese Water Dogs - Ariel & Triton

At Classy Cozy Cool we mostly sell clothing made in America.  However, we also have a passion for our fun-loving, super smart & oh so Loyal Portuguese Water Dogs.  

The Portuguese Water Dogs are an AKC Pure Breed of the Working Dog Class.  We would like to point out some characteristics of our dogs that make them the best dogs we have ever owned (We have always had a multi-dog household). 

Ariel & Triton AKC registered Portuguese Water Dogs
  • Co-Dependent: This may be seen as a pro or a con.  However, we say co-dependent because these adorable pups come with an automatic attachment clause.  You will automatically feel attached to them & they will automatically feel attached to you.  Here comes the  "con":  Your Portuguese Water Dog simply cannot be alone.  If you work long hours away from home, this won't be the dog for you.  These amazing pups need to be with you.  They seriously will long for you.  They can bond with everyone in the household.  They will stake claim to all members of the household.  However, if none of their people are with them, they may get very sad.   
  • Easy to Train:  Our Portuguese Water Dogs are so eager to please & absolutely love training.  They are super smart!  Training them is easy & fun.  If you don't have experience in training - take a class.  It will be awesome for both of you.
  • Triton is a fun loving & super smart Portuguese Water Dog.
  • They Love Water:  We have a pool in our backyard.  We love that they are natural swimmers, who enjoy playing in the pool.  Ariel the Portuguese Water Dog is relaxing with her person on a pool floaty.Triton the Portuguese Water Dog Needs time on the floaty with his person.  He loves being in the water!

Our Portuguese Water Dog, Triton, Loves to Cuddle up in the Bed, Along Side His Favorite People.

Portuguese Water Dog, Ariel is always ready to pose for a photo.  She is such a lover.  She's always ready & willing to snuggle.